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Conference Program: PODS Sessions

This page describes the complete PODS Conference program. Please use the following links to skip to the sessions of interest:


PODS Keynote - Computational Thinking, Inferential Thinking and "Big Data" (Michael I. Jordan)

Monday, 8:20-10:00
Location: MR105&106
Michael I. Jordan
Session Chair: Tova Milo


PODS Session 1 - Repairs and Ontologies

Monday, 10:30-12:10
Location: MR105&106
Session Chair: Diego Calvanese

PODS Session 2 - Awards Session

Monday, 13:30-14:30
Location: MR105&106
Session Chair: Tova Milo

PODS Session 3: Tutorial Session 1

Monday, 14:45-16:00
Location: MR105&106
Session Chair: Reinhard Pichler

PODS Session 4 - Existential Rules and TGDs

Monday, 16:30-18:30
Location: MR105&106
Session Chair: Frank Neven

PODS Session 5 - Tree Structured Data (ending 12:00)

Tuesday, 10:30-12:10
Location: Plenary 1
Session Chair: Jef Wijsen

PODS Session 6 - Tutorial Session 2

Tuesday, 13:30-15:10
Location: Plenary 1
Session Chair: Pablo Barcelo

PODS Session 7 - Query Processing (starting 15:30)

Tuesday, 15:40-17:20
Location: Plenary 1
Session Chair: Dan Suciu

PODS Session 8 - Streaming (ending 12:00)

Wednesday, 10:30-12:10
Location: Plenary 1
Session Chair: Graham Cormode

PODS Session 9 - Algorithms and Data Structures (ending 16:50)

Wednesday, 15:20-17:00
Location: Plenary 1
Session Chair: Benny Kimelfeld

PODS Session 10 - Weights and Similarity (ending 18:40)

Wednesday, 17:10-18:50
Location: Plenary 1
Session Chair: Werner Nutt



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