DaMoN'15- Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Data Management on New Hardware

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

Energy-Efficient In-Memory Data Stores on Hybrid Memory Hierarchies

Beyond the Wall: Near-Data Processing for Databases

Scaling the Memory Power Wall With DRAM-Aware Data Management

NUMA obliviousness through memory mapping

By their fruits shall ye know them: A Data Analyst's Perspective on Massively Parallel System Design

TLB misses: The Missing Issue of Adaptive Radix Tree?

Applying HTM to an OLTP System: No Free Lunch

The Serial Safety Net: Efficient Concurrency Control on Modern Hardware

Efficient Lightweight Compression Alongside Fast Scans

Energy-Efficient Query Processing on Embedded CPU-GPU Architectures

Toward GPUs being mainstream in analytic processing: An initial argument using simple scan-aggregate queries

Ultra-Fast Similarity Search Using Ternary Content Addressable Memory