PODS '15- Proceedings of the 34th ACM Symposium on Principles of Database Systems

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Computational Thinking, Inferential Thinking and "Big Data"

SESSION: Repairs and Ontologies

Dichotomies in the Complexity of Preferred Repairs

The Data Complexity of Consistent Query Answering for Self-Join-Free Conjunctive Queries Under Primary Key Constraints

High-Level Why-Not Explanations using Ontologies

SESSION: Awards Session

The ACM PODS Alberto O. Mendelzon Test-of-Time Award 2015

Parallel-Correctness and Transferability for Conjunctive Queries

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorial Session 1

LogiQL: A Declarative Language for Enterprise Applications

SESSION: Existential Rules and TGDs

Function Symbols in Tuple-Generating Dependencies: Expressive Power and Computability

Default Negation for Non-Guarded Existential Rules

Chase Termination for Guarded Existential Rules

Recovering Exchanged Data

SESSION: Tree Structured Data

The (Almost) Complete Guide to Tree Pattern Containment

Efficient Evaluation and Approximation of Well-designed Pattern Trees

BonXai: Combining the simplicity of DTD with the expressiveness of XML Schema

TUTORIAL SESSION: Tutorial Session 2

Compact Summaries over Large Datasets

Defining Relations on Graphs: How Hard is it in the Presence of Node Partitions?

SESSION: Query Processing

Querying Big Data by Accessing Small Data

Skyline Queries with Noisy Comparisons

The Communication Complexity of Distributed Set-Joins with Applications to Matrix Multiplication

Joins via Geometric Resolutions: Worst-case and Beyond

SESSION: Streaming

External Memory Stream Sampling

Vertex and Hyperedge Connectivity in Dynamic Graph Streams

Fast and Near-Optimal Algorithms for Approximating Distributions by Histograms

SESSION: Algorithms and Data Structures

On Top-k Range Reporting in 2D Space

Dynamic Data Structures for Document Collections and Graphs

Join Dependency Testing, Loomis-Whitney Join, and Triangle Enumeration

SESSION: Weights and Similarity

Private Multiplicative Weights Beyond Linear Queries

Symmetric Weighted First-Order Model Counting

Smooth Tradeoffs between Insert and Query Complexity in Nearest Neighbor Search

SESSION: Erratum

Erratum for: Approximating and Testing k-Histogram Distributions in Sub-linear Time