SIGMOD '15 PhD Symposium- Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGMOD on PhD Symposium

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SESSION: Keynote Address

From Good Research to Good Papers: A Personal Journey

SESSION: Mining and Analytics

Generating Actionable Knowledge from Big Data

The Relational Way To Dam The Flood Of Genome Data

Towards Window Analytics over Large-scale Graphs

SESSION: Querying and Recommendation

Efficient Query Processing in Time Series

Flexible Query Answering over Graph-modeled Data

Recommending Tours and Places-of-Interest based on User Interests from Geo-tagged Photos

SESSION: Uncertainty, Provenance, and Heterogeneity

Structurally Tractable Uncertain Data

Provenance-Driven Data Curation Workflow Analysis

Adaptive Reprogramming for Databases on Heterogeneous Processors